vendredi 26 septembre 2008

The 1st price EUROSIMA

Voici la nouvelle planche écologique que nous venons de sortir de l'atelier, c'est elle qui a remporté le 1er prix de l'EUROSIMA, nous avons donc gagné un chèque de 10 000 euros afin de continuer les recherches et développements. Pain Bio foam, résine uv, tissus en lin, et plugs en amidon à base de maïs.Merci à Florian pour toutes ses recherches!

Here is the new ecological board which we have just taken out of the workshop, it is her who took away the 1st price) of the EUROSIMA, we thus gained a 10 000-euro check to continue research and development. Bio foam bread, resin uv, linen tissues, and plugs in starch on base of corn.

4 commentaires:

trimchris a dit…

why not glass those with epoxy? it would be even more ecological then. just a thought. im loving the idea and the looks of it. looks really organic.

Tristan mausse a dit…

Hi chris,
We don't glass with epoxy, because The epoxy resin is much more toxic than the resin polyester, of more the resin polyester which we use is some UV resin thus 50 % less polluting than the classic!
good bye!

The Break Room a dit…

How is the strength of the linen cloth? Is anyone surfing the boards? Hows the weight? I'm interested in using more friendly materials.

Julien a dit…

We try many knid of cloth for this project (Bamboo, hemp, Linen...), we want to find the best combo (resin, cloth, foam...) for the weight of the board, behaviour, implementation, and oldness...
The linen is very interesting, closed weight than a classic board, same technical quality to surf, the finish is really strong.