dimanche 12 juin 2011

End of the italian trip GATO HEROI


Yesterday was our last day in italy, i finished all the boards in the good moment, and 2hours after we take the road by night for france, giovanni drive me and robin until biarritz, (just a funny story: all our own boards was on the roof of the car, and at 4 o'clock of the morning, the all the boards get out of the roof, and all the boards was broken!! shit!)
wathever, just after arrived in biarritz we take some very small but funny waves at bidart, i have some photos of that, i will make in few days on the blog.
I'm really stoked! It was a very good trip!!
I met unreal people (like this customer drawing me a t-shirt)
and the job was good,
we ride some italian waves too,
and eat some unreal food!!
Now i'm still working all the time for GATO HEROI,
We have now lot of boards to do with robin for this summer, and we will make an other italian tour for the next year!

I just see my dude Paul! we go together tomorrow at blend glassing!

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stephane ciaravola a dit…

hello tristan
if you and robin wanna make a detour,for your next italian tour, by corsica i'll make a pleasure to drive you to my home spot!!!
en anglais dans le texte pour le fun!!
a bientot
ciao ciao !!!

The Boda Surfamily a dit…

ciao Tristan!!!! thanks for the photos,im whating you in Rome for the next CARBONARA PARTY!!! ciao

Anonyme a dit…

Ciao Tristan,
it was an honour and a pleasure have met you. Thanks for your courtesy. Let me know your exact e-mail address so that I can send you some pics.
Sorry for my horrible english.

The Lucky Bastards crew a dit…

hi everybody, thank's a lot for all your comments!
it was very good to meet you,
this is my adress e-mail psrecords@hotmail.fr
see you on the next year!
merci beaucoup stephane pour l'invitation! ce sera avec plaisir si le temps nous le permet!!


Avthentic a dit…

T-Mauss = the boss